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Why its effective: The med ball toss for height is a great low body power exercise,It trains the all-important triple extension where the knees, hips and ankles all extend to propel you upwardwhich is essential for most speed and power sports.

This exercise is best performed in an open space outdoors, where a ceiling won’t impede the flight of the ball and bystanders and objects won’t be struck when the ball lands.
Stand holding a 10-15-pound medicine ball with both hands, your arms extended near your waist and your feet shoulder width apart.
Squat down slightly, allowing your trunk to lean forward and the ball to move between your legs, then immediately explode up by extending your knees, hips and ankles and throw the ball as high as possible overhead.
Locate the ball in the air so that it doesn’t land on you on the way back down. Pick up the ball and repeat.

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