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Ordinary and unglamorous, lunges dont attract much of a following. Too bad, because they not only develop shapely legs by targeting the hips, quads and hamstrings, they also strengthen, lift, develop and define the buttocks and gluteal area.

Perform lunge with chest up, shoulders straight, step forward with spine in correct vertical alignment.
Keep motion slow and controlled, avoiding momentum and inspiring better balance.
Use the back of a chair to help you balance if you’re wobbly.
Don’t step too far forward - you’ll become unbalanced.
Avoid forward leaning in a way that extends the body over the legs, causing the front knee to ride too far past the front toe and placing unnecessary stress on the knee.
Use a controlled step rather than throw your body into a lunge - too much stress on the knee.
To lift up from the bottom of a lunge, push off from front heel for balance and contraction.
Use full range of motion, stepping forward so both legs are bent to form 90 degree angle, unless you’re experiencing knee problems, in which case, shorten your range.
To avoid injury, master technique before adding on weights.

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