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Warm-up and Cool-down

The best way of preparing for both a good training session, and competition is by warming-up. This will help you to avoid injury and prepare you physically and mentally for exercise.
•Body temperature increases and blood flow to the muscles increases, to get them ready for action. This helps prevent sprains and strains
•Warm-ups should stretch the muscles, get the joints moving and increase the range of motion. This will also help avoid injury
•Warm-ups help focus the mind on the exercise

Cool downs are often overlooked once you have finished training and after competition because the fun bit is over and you're tired! However a cool down will help your body to return back to normal more quickly and will help reduce any aches and pains the next day!

•Cool-downs help reduce the Oxygen debt and clear any lactic acid in the muscles
•It stops blood from pooling within the veins when you stop as continued gentle exercise will keep the blood pumping and muscles contracting which squeezes blood back towards the heart

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