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Ultra Athletics Club

Ultra Athletics Club

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the Passion for RUNNING

I was just looking at them from a different perspective. They looked so comfortable, they WANTED to be there...even though it was one of those rainy drizzly days. They trained well, and in between they laughed. The athletes all looked very comfortable with each other, and what appears to be positive competing were observed.

People have asked me before, even family members, why I am drilling MY child to train everyday! The fact is, those people who are asking those questions knows little about the ULTRA running fraternity...it does'nt take a parent to 'drill' an athlete to run. If it is indeed a true athlete who loves running there will be NO need to 'drill'. I surely DO NOT 'drill'!

Self motivation: YOU are truly your OWN hero in running.

EFFORT: Effort is ONLY effort when it begins to hurt.

HABIT: Motivation is what gets you started- Habit is what keeps you going.

PROCESS: It may be a slow process but quitting WONT speed it up.

I know everyone has a different reason why they run. Watching the runners brings a smile to my heart. I have grown to love the ULTRA running FAMILY..."each to their own" right :)

Ultra Athletics regularly posts usefull tips and articles about fitness, execise as well as running.