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Ultra Athletics Club

Ultra Athletics Club

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Ultra Athletics is more than simply about training and coaching. It’s about inspiration. It’s about hopes and dreams. It’s about living life to the full and being healthy. It’s about developing and nurturing an athletics sportsmanship culture and a belief system where anything is possible – where trials and tribulations are turned into triumphs and victories and knowing that hard work, determination and effort definitely pays off. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! We train at various communities with many of our athletes coming from underprivileged backgrounds. These communities are gang and drug invested and if the cycle are not broken then many of the kids turn to gangsterism which are associated with drugs and increase crime rate.

At Ultra Athletics we introduce athletes to a different lifestyle, a lifestyle of athletics, health and sportsmanship. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how these young athletes come from trying and difficult circumstances. So many social and environmental problems for their young selves to handle. But the minute they start training and running, their faces lit up (the wonders of athletics)...no worries in the world. And that is some of the reasons we do this. We feel that athletics keeps our children safe and off the streets away from gangs and interested in sport. However we cannot do it without support.

Syntell, a leading South African technology company believes in community development. With Syntell’s support, Ultra Athletics could widen their training arena by incorporating the sponsored javelins, hurdles, high-jump equipment which they previously had to borrow. Syntell runs an active Foundation focused on empowerment and long term sustainability of communities such as the ones Ultra Athletics are actively involved and training.

The company was founded in 2003, however their roots dates back to 1963 with the establishment of Plessey South Africa. Syntell continually maintain their industry leading position through provision of practical solutions, balanced with an innovative edge. They have the reputation as a trusted partner to government which have grown over time, enabling them to develop and maintain effective public-private partnerships with the majority of Metros, as well as a number of key local municipalities in South Africa. In this respect Syntell have successfully extended their offerings to various industries in the private sector, whilst their general footprint in the rest of the African continent continues to take hold. It is through their values and good ethics that they are committed to Social Responsibility which is firmly entrenched as a cornerstone at Syntell.

As a result the development of communities are aligned with their strategic plan. Consequently it just made sense that the trusting relationship between Ultra AC and Syntell technologies emerged. Together with the Ultra Athletics programme the aim is to develop athletes to aspiring South African stars focusing on health and fitness as well.

Mr Zahir Lalla representing Syntell Technology is seen handing over the equipment and shaking hands with Coach Waleed Donough representing Ultra Athletics.

On behalf of the Ultra Athletics Team, coaches and athletes we are grateful and thank Syntell Technology for their support. Together we strive to develop and inspire athletes to rather participate in athletics rather than turn to gangsterism or drugs.

Ultra Athletics regularly posts usefull tips and articles about fitness, execise as well as running.