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Ultra Athletics Club

Ultra Athletics Club

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Matric 2017

Family: He is the youngest in his family and have 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers staying with their dad.

Sports: He grew a passion for athletics since he was in grade 6 where he competed at the Western Province Championship. “I love athletics because when I run I feel free, I feel like nothing can stop me.”

Maliek is a well-mannered and humble young man. “My coach has been amazing in supporting and encouraging me. I can proudly and honestly say that all of us at Ultra AC are achieving and reaching PB’S and goals. I believe a club is nothing without the heart and that is what our coach is, the heart of the club.”

Teammates: “As far as my club mates go we really support each other through everything we do because we are a family. Black and Yellow”

Favourites: Maliek loves Pizza and burgers. He likes watching movies in his spare time and being with his friends. Personal motivation: “I can be more than what I believe I can be. Where I see myself in the future is on the Olympic stage and that’s a dream of mine”.

Maliek who always have a smile on his face even through difficult times would always motivate fellow team mates and aspiring athletes to believe, “no matter how hard it is, never stop believing in yourself because you will achieve if you keep focus on what you are doing”

Ultra Athletics regularly posts usefull tips and articles about fitness, execise as well as running.