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Boeta from the Bontas have Big Dreams

Family: He is the 2nd eldest of 4 from his daddy's side. He resides with mommy and stepfather in Bonteheuwel.

Athletics: He started with athletics 3 years ago and always made the school team. Ever since he started training at Ultra Athletics Club he have been competing at the Western Province Championship.

Jamies’ love for athletics shines through when he especially wears his colours and are on the track. ”It was my dream to do it and when I got the chance I took it with both my hands”.

Jamie have such a loving, kind manner and really tries his best. “I am really grateful for my coach for what he have done for me and still doing. He did not give up on me and gave me this opportunity otherwise I would not have been here where I am today… in athletics…and not on the streets or into all kinds of wrongs teenage boys gets in to (gangs and drugs).

Teammates: “I take them as my own family and I am grateful to be part of each and every one of their lives”.
Favourites: Everybody in the club knows Jamie LOVES eating. He is also a movie kop as he states it, like swimming on hot days and love spending time with his friends.

Personal motivation: “I will never give up no matter what I am going through in my life at that moment”.
As like every young athletes dream, Jamie would love to make the Olympic team and make it to the Common Wealth Games

In today’s life, teenagers are facing various social and intimidating challenges, however Jamie with his deep dimples have always been helpful, have great sportsmanship and always a smile on his face even through difficult times. He would always motivate fellow team mates and aspiring athletes to always “try your best no matter how many times you fail there will always be someone to help you back up again; so my motto is never give up”.

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