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Family: She is the eldest of 2 siblings and resides with her parents in Plumstead.
Athletics: Aimée started participating in athletics when she was about 10 years old and dominated at the All Christian School Athletics. “I have always loved running and I always loved the feeling while running. I love athletics because it teaches me many life lessons that I can use in my daily life e.g. hard work and dedication”.

“I really respect coach Waleed. He is a dedicated, hard-working coach who just wants the best for his athletes. I admire his integrity and that he is not afraid to speak his mind, because I know I can learn from what he says”.

Aimée adores life and gets along very well with her teammates. “Being part of Ultra Athletics Club is so motivating because I am surrounded by other athletes who are also focused. There are some days when my club mates just make my day by either giving me a hug or making me laugh”.

Favourites: “It is very difficult to say which food I enjoy the most. My favourite food, however, would have to be lasagne. I love being active in general e.g. playing soccer, running, swimming etc. I also love music and I play a musical instrument. I have been playing the clarinet for almost 5 years now”.

Aimée is a talented young lady who dugs deep within herself to muster the courage especially when she struggles during training “it motivates me to keep going because I know it will eventually get better”.

Her goal is to improve on her times, running personal bests and to attain her Western Province colours. “Sport, in general, requires a lot of hard work and dedication”. Aimée herself is a very dedicated and hardworking athlete and always encourages her fellow teammates with her favourite quote: ' Success is small efforts done day in and day out.'

Ultra Athletics regularly posts usefull tips and articles about fitness, execise as well as running.