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FAMILY: She is the youngest of 6 siblings and resides with her parents in Lansdowne.

ATHLETICS: Tamsin loved running since primary school in grade 5 where she competed for the school and continued competing at high school competitions till grade 9. In Matric 2012 she decided that she would focus on academics and her future career. It was in mid-2016 that she realised that she missed that track and could not resist the temptation any more: “I feel that I have wasted enough time watching my dreams in athletics fade and decided to join Ultra Athletics Club. Ever since joining I have competed at different competitions”.

It can be clearly seen on training and in competitions how she loves the track. “I have a pure passion for running ever since a young age and have seen myself competing at a higher level. My goal now is to see myself achieving my set goal”.

Tamsin is like a breath of fresh air at the club. All the younger athletes looks up to her and loves her. She totally have the quality of leadership and discipline; and have the sweetest personality.

“I have an Awesome Coach (father figure) who have your best interest at heart even though he tells you to run those longer distance ;) . Coach Waleed likes to say: “there's method to this madness " and I fully trust and believe in the process”.

FAVOURITES: Tamsins’ favourite foods are chicken wraps and anything that contains chicken. She also loves fruit. In her spare time is listens to music and watching TV.

Her drive to achieve her goal motivates her to continue with what she is doing. It is not easy getting back into athletics after being away for so long, Tamsin however has proven that she can achieve a PB and being consistent with every race. That is why she could astound herself this year at the Western Province Championship with her excellent run. “Firstly Believe. Then Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, your dreams and goals. Once you have that then comes the hard work, discipline and being consistent”.

Ultra Athletics regularly posts usefull tips and articles about fitness, execise as well as running.