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Joie de vivre

He is the 2nd eldest of 3 siblings and resides with his supporting parents in Charlesville.
Athletics: Jadén have been participating in athletics since primary schools and made the Western Province team in grade 7, 2016. “Sport has been a big part of my life. I have played in many sporting codes before however athletics is the best! Reason is that it is an individual event; if I mess up then there is only myself to blame”.

Jadén is a cheerful young, fun, full of life, admirable athlete with a bright future ahead. He brings his own Joie de vivre to the club. “I really admire my coach, I have the biggest respects to this hard working, and dedicated "young man" that wants nothing but the best for us athletes. Coach Waleed is the only coach I've ever come across that actually trains with his athletes and I really admire that of him”.

TEAMMATES: “My fellow teammates; I think I'll refer to them as family. Training without my fellow family is almost like a phone without data, a car without wheels. I honestly enjoy training with them, the jokes we make, the nonsense we come up with, I just love my fellow club mates”.

FAVORITES: Jadén earnestly loves popcorn. He also likes hanging out with his friends, listening to music and is a great dancer!
Jadén affirms his current athletics training encourages new perspectives and has the power to transform your life. It makes everything more interesting, even in times of stress and boredom. It helps re-frame problems that feel like dead-ends and turns them into something you can work with. “My thirst to achieve my goals and go far in life motivates me. My parents also constantly encourages me to do my best and reminds me that my best is good enough”.

Jadén would love to achieve his S.A colors one day as well as to set new PB’s every year. Podium for an international gold medal will be the cherry on the top. This goal is seen in his powerful expression on track and the inner perception that reminds him of his goal, and therefore he would always encourage fellow teammates to remember “it just takes hard work and dedication- day in and day out - to be the best you have got to beat the best”.

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