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Ultra Athletics Club

Ultra Athletics Club

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Ultra Athletics knows the education and development of coaches and coaching is the key to the success of athletics. We are committed to supporting the ongoing development of coaches in every event, at every level both directly with our staff, through contracted agencies and experts, and by enabling coaches to work together on a more frequent and structured basis.

Our Athletics Coach Framework is designed to progressively introduce the coaching skills required to develop athletes from beginner to elite. In this way the coaching pathway mimics the athlete’s pathway.  The framework is designed to allow coaches of all levels to master their coaching, be it at the beginner level or the advanced level.

The skills delivered at each level are significant to that level of athlete.  For example, those coaching beginner athletes need to know how to coach the basic fundamental skills for that level, without giving them too many complex skills. Mastering the fundamentals is the most important task of a beginner athlete, laying a foundation for further development of technical skills.

Feel free to come and speak to any of our coaches at any of our practise sessions. Mon-Thurs 16h00
We have 5 different training hubs. Find out which one is closest to you.
Our coaches are all experienced and qualified and have produced many national athletes.

Head Coach: Waleed Donough
Qualification: ASA National Level 3
National Excellence Advisor
Jumps ASA level 3 (Long Jump,Triple Jump,High Jump)
Combined Events ASA level 3
(Sprints,Hurdles,Shotput,Discus,Javelin,Pole vault,800m-1500m)

Coach: Gabieba
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Jumps and Sprints
Coach: Glen
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Coach: Tauhira
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Sprints and Hurdles
Coach: Faizel
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Coach: Elgar
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Sprints and Hurdles
Coach: Patrick
Qualification: ASA Level 2
Coach: Ameerah
Qualification: ASA Level 1
Jumps and Combined events