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Oakland Fast meeting 10 Nov 2018

An electric atmosphere with equally electrifying performances. The tone for the day was set by Tashriq Parker when he brought the stadium to light by taking on the South African silver medalist in the long jump men u20. From the word go he put the champion under pressure with his opening jump of 7.01m. He then went on to improve to 7.05 then to a wopping 7.19. This was then followed up by his Ultra team mates by dominating the opening sprints. Later on they came back and showed that they are multitalented and dominated in the hurdles as well as field events. They carried that same tenacity into the middle distance and showed as Ultra athletes they can do everything. They continued this trend throughout the day and raked up a mommoth of 23 medals. In the words of the commentator" Ultra maak geraas op die track". Well done to all.

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